The objectivity of church services

The first time I attended a Sunday service in a Christian Science church I was struck by the objectivity I heard. There were no passionate personal pleas, no judgmental chastisements. Even the way the Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation was repeated by the congregation was a new experience for me in public worship. I left with a sense of fresh discovery. As I have continued to attend, each service gives me the opportunity for actively appreciating and respecting the individuality by which God expresses Himself in each of us. That's one of the beauties of hearing the Bible Lesson read on Sundays.

- A church member

Reflections on the Reading Room, from a visitor

Three pictures come often to my thought:

The first is of a busy morning in the heart of a great city—ten thousand thoughts struggle for supremacy; where motives of self-interest clash, and men and women are confronted by influences they do not always understand.
The second was taken at noontime. In a large, tranquil room a few from among the thousands now sit here in silence, reading and thinking—reading not news or texts, thinking not of business. They are reading the Word of Truth and Life, thinking of the boundless goodness of God, and of man's true relation to Him.
The third scene is of the afternoon. Refreshed and calmed in thought and purpose, those who sat in that silent room now go about their work with a new spirit within them, a stronger energy, a clearer vision, with hearts quickened anew to meet every human duty with courage and with joy.
I desire to express my loving gratitude for the Christian Science Reading Room, and for that discernment of humanity's needs which led our Leader to provide this channel through which the blessings of Christian Science might be given to the world.” — Observations by a visitor to the Reading Room