Upcoming Events



You’re invited to a free event that will address several really useful insights on the subject of health and how to apply spiritual ideas to your physical and mental well-being.

The title of the talk is: Divine Love: The Answer to Universal Health
Date / Time: Friday, March 22nd at 12:15
Location: Our church 710 S Hope Street ~ Los Angeles

This talk is about the power of God as divine Love and the direct influence for good it can have on lives individually and collectively when spiritually understood. It explores the Biblical basis of God as divine Love whose law Christ Jesus taught and practiced in his healing and teaching ministry. It brings out the relevance of his command "to love your neighbor as yourself" and the worldwide healing impact this can have.

This is a totally informal and casual opportunity for you to hang out and hear some important concepts. You can take it or leave it. No big deal. But we think you’ll find this subject really helpful whatever your thoughts on the subject of health may be.

not your everyday ‘church’

We love for people to simply discover ideas about spiritual understanding in their own way and time. And this is a place to do that.

Now, yes, this is a church. But don’t think of this place as a conventional creed-preaching church – with a kind of stiff formality or rigidly ritualistic atmosphere. This place is not at all about that. This place should inspire a sense of freedom, possibility and light. That’s what’s really happening here. There’s joy and humor here. There’s life here. And…there’s healing going on. Healings of illness, disease, depression, or healings regarding employment, career endeavor, purpose or relationships. Pretty wonderful breakthroughs for all different kinds of people.

This talk on health is not about doctrines or creeds or even church – although it’s being held in one. It’s more about sharing remarkably applicable and effective tools for you to use in the way you understand them.

Lunch hour

We know it’s a lunch-hour time this event is taking place during so we’re providing a light lunch for you immediately after the conclusion of the talk.

It’ll last an hour. There’s free parking. And it’s a beautiful place to hang out in for an hour or so.

The Speaker

By the way, the speaker is a woman, Heloisa Rivas, who has spent the last 30 plus years healing and teaching through the principles of Christian Science.

Is Christian science scientology?

This is not Scientology. That’s a different thing altogether.

This is a Bible-based (King James version) healing practice that has gone on for centuries. The healing record is incredible. And yet, not many people are even aware it exists. Just another diamond in the rough. Right? Well, it’s more than that but, yes, it’s one of those special things that mankind seems hell-bent on ignoring — and these are the very discoveries and solutions it seeks to put itself on more solid, progressive, naturally evolving ground. Patience is indeed a virtue.

Anyway, see if you can’t make the time to visit. Come on Friday, March 22nd at 12:15 or drop by at some other point. See the times we’re open or give us a call. We’d love to chat with you about whatever it is you’re interested in knowing.